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Sometimes when a song comes on the radio I find myself pretending like I am the one who is actually crooning the notes through the air waves. It is my song, the one I spent millions of hours and feelings pouring into to make it radio worthy. When in reality, I am rather average in the vocal department.
I am Lila Spruce.
If you want the truth, I’m an average person in general. To give you an idea of how average I am, I go to the same six coffee shops every week and order the same thing every time… The baristas there have yet to recognize me or remember my drink.  Though, it isn’t their fault. I look like everyone else and am therefore their standard customer. Though my tipping habits are better in general… I can at least say that isn’t average.
It’s currently a Friday night and I’m sitting alone in a café’ I’ve never been to before, sipping my drink, and pretending like I am typical 20 something individual on a Friday night. What I am doing now is simply prep before I head out later and party it up with some friends… err… something.
My Friends.
All of my friends seem to be really good at everything. Some are accomplished travelers, others writers, photographers, musicians… They’ve all found their niche’.  And my roommate… Did I mention she looks like a goddess without even trying? I’m feel as though I am the prime example of Darwin’s theory of evolution… constantly evolving, trying to catch up with the rest of the species.
Since I am on the topic of extraordinary people….
My boyfriend is one who easily falls into this category. Of course he is exceptional and I’m not just saying that because I feel required to. Everyone likes him. Everyone talks about him. He is like an 21st century Midas, all gold everywhere.
Typical Situation in Public
Spartan (Not my actual boyfriend’s name but it seems fitting)- Role- Boyfriend
General Public- Role-  Self exclamatory isn’t it?
Me- Role- Average Girlfriend, with magnificent Spartan
GP- “Spartan! We heard of your exceptional accomplishments as of late; do give us the secret to your success. You saved the village from being plundered and single handedly over threw the government!”
Spartan- (He says nothing because when you’re that awesome words aren’t needed)
GP- (All but worshipping him)
Me- … Well… I’ve been standing here the whole time, in his shadow. I’m not sure if they even noticed me there… BUT who do they think packed ‘Spartans’ lunch so he could have strength to overthrow the government?
As you can clearly see, I’m surrounded by brilliant people. And as such, I’m often confused why such ‘brilliant’ people choose to be with me.
The conclusion- We’re attracted to individuals who are our opposites.
Anyways, a small bit about me. I promise I’m more than just someone with an inferiority complex. As I said I am a young 20 something living in Minneapolis. I’m finished with my degree and working an incredibly average job. I’m waiting for greatness to strike in my life. I’ve decided to keep a blog to perhaps help me to progress and figure out what I am good at.
A few tidbits THAT I love-
Coffee- Good Coffee… Starbucks and Caribou give me the ee-bee-gee-bees.
Books- Brilliant authors. A plethora of stories… I get lost
Running- This is my most dangerous activity as I am prone to tripping often
Dogs- What can I say… They are man’s best friend. They just happen to like women too.
Sail boats- Don’t ask… I grew up in Rhode Island so naturally I like boats.
And Yoga … Which I know about and do to try to combat my clumsy self…Verdict… Though I am bendy I still trip at least twice a day. Perhaps the graceful part comes in later?

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