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Consciousness was slow coming for me. Slowly opening my eyes; I realized where I was. Mortification filled my being, wetness surrounded my open mouth. I lifted up my head; feeling as though my skin had peeled off with each movement. I looked across the room only to meet my bosses amused gaze. Redness rushed to my face. It was times like these that I desperately wished for invisibility.

Five O’Clock finally inched its way around. I walked out to my car wanting desperately to get home to my Snuggie and my cat Charles. It was a long day. Maybe I would pop some leftover pizza in the… Wait… Dear Lord, who was that man leaning against my car. I slowed my gate, stopped, and stared at him. He lifted his head, eyes meeting mine under the brim of his fedora. Piercing, blue eyes. Who was he? Finding my voice, “Pardon, but… Uhh… Could I help you with something?” He said nothing, all the while staring at me. I felt chilled to the bone. He began to walk towards me, trench coat whipping in the wind behind him. Wait a minute… Where did the wind come from? Goose flesh raised the hair on my arms.He stopped right next to me, leaned over “It is in your front seat.” He said and walked away. Stunned…What was he talking about? I turned around to call after him but he was gone.

Facing car. Trudging forward. Stopping. Peering. Odd… Neatly wrapped package on the seat of passengers side. How did it get in there? Car locked…  Door Opened. Holding Package. Pretty Bow. Odd! Odd! Odd! Tearing Brown paper. What the…?!

I lifted out black trench coat feeling confused. A single sheet of white, college ruled notebook paper floated down to my lap. I lifted it.

Dear Patron of Drool,

This is what you wanted.

–              E.

The next morning I got into my car and saw it again. It was still there. I had half expected it to be gone in the morning. Rain began to smatter against my window. By the time I got to work; it was a torrential downpour

Five minutes. Still sitting in car. Go outside. Not moving. Go. Seven minutes. Still not moving. Glance. Trench coat. Ten minutes. Look quickly away. Peeking. BLAST IT ALL! Trench coat on. Nice fit.

Walking into work, I was grateful for this odd gift. I waved at the receptionist, Bertha, as usual…Odd… she didn’t wave back. She always did. I continued walking, having to dodge people. It was though they couldn’t see me. I pulled out my chair and sat down. I then heard a shriek from behind me. I turned around to see what had happened and saw someone pointing at my chair. “IT MOVED! I tell you! BY ITSELF!”

By itself? What? Hitting me now. Trench coat. ? Such things only on Telly late at night. Drool. Note making sense. Trench coat = Invisibility.


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The Knife

I knew Bible Camp had been a bad idea. I stared blankly out the car window, watching the scenery fly by.

She had walked in that day, her camp t-shirt tucked into her pencil skirt. Energy seemed to exude from her as her blue eyes took in all of our faces. She looked young. Almost too young to be our counselor. “How old are you?” One of the girls blurted out. The chipper counselor grinned and said, “I know I look like I am 16 but I promise you I am 20… When I am forty, I will look 35!” Her quirky reply put us all at ease. She set her stuff down on the bed that was underneath the window. Rummaging through her backpack she pulled out a clip board and began to read off all of our names. After she had decided we were all present and accounted for, she told us we had free time.

The next few days at camp flew by me in a blur. I was actually starting to have fun. Granted, the ‘color team’ games were slightly odd and there were a few boys who were pretending to shoot darts at my neck ‘most every time I saw them, all was well. I was out on the basketball court playing ball with a guy who had the most stunning blue eyes I had ever seen… When an announcement came blaring across the loud speakers,  “All campers report to your cabins, there has been a tornado warning issued for Wayeagua County, report to your cabins immediately.”

We all sat in our cabin and talked. I found that I actually liked the girls I was rooming with. There was the story teller, Kinzie, two blonde haired blue eyed sisters, Kaylyn and Morgan, a tall gorgeous blonde named Natalie, Karina, who, in my opinion kicked butt in basketball, we also had a small, hyper, Korean girl named Ashlyn and a missionary’s daughter from Thailand.

Destiny…” I looked over at Ashlyn. “Yeah?” I asked… She hopped up and began to flit about the room…”Look! Look! Look!” she said pointing to the door. Water had begun to seep in. Our counselor hopped up and put towels against the door. I glanced out the window and saw someone in the woods.  “Odd…” I thought… Our counselor suggested that we play a game. She sat on her bed, scooting back till she was sitting with her back directly under the window.

All of a sudden, the sound of shattering glass greeted my ears. Screams erupted in our room. A masked man landed on top of our counselor. After a few moments, He hopped off and ran out the front the door with something tucked under his arm; knife in hand. We all rushed over to the bed and observed that our counselor was not moving… That is when we saw the blood oozing from the place where her arm should have been…

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The green forest stretched before me as an endless blanket of moss and green pine needles. The birds chirped merrily around me and the squirrels scurried to and fro. I inhaled deeply and sighed with utter contentment. This place was one in which I found solace. I began to walk towards the clear blue green waters of the lake. Reaching the edges of the water I walked in till the bones of my ankles were covered. I wiggled my toes and watched as small fish darted to and fro.  Smiling, I bent over and inspected the creatures a bit closer. Their slippery bodies shone as the diamonds of light hit them.

Straightening, I began to scan the lake for the presence of the any other being. Sensing and seeing that there were none I waded in a bit deeper. Energy and electricity surged through my being as my feet fused together. A scaly tale began to form. I dove forward, plunging beneath the surface of the water, I breathed deeply. My long black hair swirling about me, catching the light as the fish’s scales had. I swam a bit deeper into the water, passing under a waterfall; going into the deep recesses of a cave. Swimming through the dimness of the secret passage I glanced about, admiring the bejeweled sides of the cavern. The light ahead of me beckoned me forward. I shot through the opening and into the sea. A glimmer of purple caught my eye and I swam a bit further to inspect. Laughing aloud with glee I spotted the shells I had been hunting for. Snagging some deep green seaweed I went to work, making myself a top; noting that it fit perfectly.

A loud noise caught my attention, startled I looked up. “BLAST!” I thought to myself seeing the bottom of a wooden ship. I knew I had to get out of there, and fast. I tried to swim away; only to realize part of my fin was tangled in the seaweed. Panic rose as I tried desperately to untangle myself. My attempts were proving to be futile. I heard a splash from above; glancing up only for an instant, already knowing what would meet my gaze. As the nets began to slowly make their way towards me; I worked harder and faster…There wasn’t much time. The last thing I wanted was to spend the rest of my days pasted as décor on the front of a ship. “Almost got it.” I said to myself. Right when I was about to lose myself; the nets enveloped me.  I froze as fear filled my entire being. Time stopped as I felt myself being pulled closer and closer to the surface of the water. The sound of voices greeted my ears as I grew closer to the surface…. My fate was sealed.

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